Elseworlds Teased a Superboy in The Arrowverse - But Which One?

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for the Arrowverse crossover "Elseworlds," which concluded Tuesday on The CW.

Following the conclusion of The CW's three-night superhero epic, it's safe to say that all DC fans can talk about now is the event's unbelievable teaser: that the next crossover event between Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, coming in 2019, would be titled Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This promises an adaptation of the fan-favorite 1985 comic series of the same name, a television event that will undoubtedly be as ambitious, epic and grand as the comic book.

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However, this wasn't the only big revelation that came out of "Elseworlds - Part 3." On top of all the reality-altering developments and the universe-shattering action, Clark Kent revealed that he and Lois Lane were expecting a child. Of course, this is meant to be a convenient way to to write Superman out of the Supergirl television series for a while.

However, it's also a big development in the super-couple's lives that makes us wonder if the Arrowverse is getting ready to introduce Jon Kent, aka Superboy.


Jonathan Samuel Kent is a fairly new addition to the DC Universe. The character first appeared three years ago, in 2015's Convergence: Superman #2, written and illustrated by Dan Jurgens. Jon is the biological son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and has a physiology that is both human and Kryptonian, something which grants him the same powers as his father.

Since his introduction, Jon has only grown more important (and popular). For all intents and purposes, the character has now become the third pillar of the Lois and Clark duo, and an official cast member of the Superman titles.

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With his very own super-suit, complete with red cape and House of El crest, the 10-year old Jon Kent has embraced the identity of Superboy, and fought alongside the likes of his father, Robin and even Batman. Jon is now an important part of the Superman mythos, and it now appears as if he might be making the jump to television.

There is currently no telling if Lois Lane is pregnant with Jon Kent, but given Jon's popularity and his fairly recent addition to the comic books, it seems all the more likely.

Of course, it's important to note that "Elseworlds - Part 3" just revealed that Lois is expecting, which means the birth of her child isn't happening just yet -- and we are far from seeing a 10-year-old superhero fly across National City alongside his aunt Kara.

However, the episode made a point of revealing that Lois and Clark will be moving off-planet to the asteroid-bound Argo City, where surviving members of Krypton live. Given that the city is far away in the reaches of space, we wouldn't put it past The CW to feature some sort of temporal shift in the time spent on Argo versus that spent on Earth. A year for Supergirl could very well be 10 for Argo. (Actually, a very similar development has just occurred in the pages of Superman #6 -- out now!)

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On the other hand, there is always the chance that Jon Kent could come into play in the form of time travel. This year alone, both The Flash and Arrow have featured adult versions of Barry Allen's daughter Nora (who time-traveled from the future) and Oliver Queen's son William (thanks to use of flash forward scenes).

What's stopping the Arrowverse from adding one more heroic, super-powered child? Who knows, maybe Nora, William and Jon all know each other in the future... and maybe they even have a league of their own.

Now that we know that Crisis on Infinity Earths is coming in less than a year, it appears the Arrowverse will find itself in need of all the superheroes it can get -- old and young, new and ancient. Since this event will serve as the sequel to Elseworlds, it's quite possible that we will see Superman return from Argo -- and perhaps he will be accompanied by his very own super son.

The Flash returns from its winter hiatus on Tuesday, Jan. 15, followed by Supergirl on Sunday, Jan. 20, and Arrow on Monday, Jan. 21.

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