Elseworlds: Why Supergirl & Batwoman Share a 'Deep Understanding'

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Batwoman will make her Arrowverse debut in "Elseworlds" and Supergirl star Melissa Benoist couldn't be more excited. During a set visit, the Girl of Steel herself discussed her character's similarities to Kate Kane and revealed that they share a bond unlike any other two female superheroes.

"That was so cool! It was so fun, Ruby Rose just killed it. She killed it. She is so perfect for this role. I can't tell you how good it felt to have – I mean, I've been around Caity Lotz... and she's a badass. But it felt so good to have another female presence there amongst the boys," Benoist shared. "Their scenes are really nice because of their similarities. Kate Kane is Bruce Wayne's cousin and all these things so they really relate on a lot of levels that I don't think Kara's found yet in another female superhero. There's a really deep understanding from the get go between the two of them."

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During "Elseworlds," Oliver Queen and Barry Allen will swap lives. Thanks to Arkham Asylum doctor John Deegan, who was granted the power to rewrite reality by crossover villain The Monitor, Oliver is the Flash and Barry is the Green Arrow, and their respective teams are completely unaware of the switch. As such, they'll journey to Supergirl's Earth for help, where they'll meet not only her but also Lois Lane and the Man of Steel himself. Batwoman will arrive in "Part 2," which will air in the Arrow slot on Monday.

This year's Arrowverse crossover event will involve the casts of Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash. The event will unfold over three nights, starting with a special episode of The Flash on Sunday December 9 at 8 pm ET/PT. Then, it continues Monday, December 10, with Arrow, and concludes on Tuesday, December 11, with Supergirl.

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