Elseworlds Had a Legends of Tomorrow Cameo After All

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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Elseworlds, Part 3," the final installment of this year's Arrowverse crossover.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow showed face in "Elseworlds" after all. In the third installment of this year's three-show crossover, Oliver and Barry went to get some help from Cisco, who had been transformed into a crime boss that owned his own bar. There, they bumped into Gary Green, a recurring Legends character and fan favorite.

In "Elseworlds, Part 3," Doctor John Deegan changed reality once again. In this version, Barry and Oliver were wanted criminals who called themselves the Trigger Twins. After they adjusted to their new situation, they sought Cisco so that he could transport them back to Earth-38, where they hoped to recruit Superman. In order to do that, they headed to Cisco's bar to strike a deal.

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When they arrived, Barry and Oliver headed straight to the bar, where they bumped into Gary. Evidently, some things never change, as Gary was thrilled at the opportunity to meet them. This tracks with his Legends character, who is a massive fan of the Legends' work despite his job at the Time Bureau. Barry and Oliver didn't seem to know who he was, though Arrowverse fans will certainly recognize him.

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Even when Jimmy Olsen beat them up, Gary remained a fan. As they laid on the floor, groaning with pain, he asked if it were possible to get a selfie with them. Unfortunately for Gary, that definitely didn't pan out.

After utilizing 30-odd heroes in "Crisis on Earth-X," last year's crossover, the Arrowverse opted to go smaller for "Elseworlds." As such, the Legends of Tomorrow cast sat the crossover out -- all of them but Gary, that is. Seeing as "Crisis on Infinite Earths" promises to be a massive, multiverse-spanning event, though, it wouldn't be surprising to see them involved next year.

The Flash returns from its winter hiatus on Tuesday, January 15, with Supergirl coming back on Sunday, January 20 and Arrow on Monday, January 21.

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