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Arrow Season 7

As for Arrow, Oliver Queen is having a rough go this year. At the end of Season 6, Oliver voluntarily went to prison as part of a deal for the FBI's help in stopping Ricardo "The Dragon" Diaz as well as his friends' immunity. He spent the first seven episodes of Season 7 at Slabside Supermax Prison, where he found himself fighting his fellow inmates and guards alike. Ultimately, he was released from prison in exchange for his testimony against Diaz, but not before he had to fight for his life during a massive prison break that left Brick and Derek Sampson dead and many others injured.

While he was in prison, Team Arrow had a few issues of their own to deal with. For one, there's a new Green Arrow, who was revealed as Oliver's half-sister Emiko Queen in the mid-season finale. Thanks to Star City's anti-vigilante laws, SCPD Captain Dinah "Black Canary" Drake has had her hands full trying to capture and arrest Emiko, even as Rene "Wild Dog" Ramirez aids and abets her.

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Meanwhile, Felicity has started down a dark path, where she has resorted to violence and fatal means to protect herself and her incarcerated husband. Her vicious new ways have startled even Oliver, who was shocked by how much she has changed during his months in prison. She has risked Anatoly Knyazev's life to achieve her own means; he subsequently gave her a gun, with which she intended to kill Diaz -- and only stopped because Laurel Lance convinced her not to because they needed him to secure Oliver's release.

John "Dig" Diggle, on the other hand, has enlisted at A.R.G.U.S. with his wife Lyla Michaels. Together with Curtis Holt, aka Mr. Terrific, they have discovered a powerful new threat: Dante and the Inferno, which suggests the Ninth Circle will rise in the back half of the season. Per the stinger at the end of the mid-season finale, Dig and Lyla will work with Diaz in order to glean information on Dante, as this mysterious new villain has been footing the bill for the Longbow Hunters' attacks.

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