Elsa Bloodstone: Questions Fans Have About Who The Heck She Is, Answered

Back in August, Nintendo, Team Ninja, and Marvel released the third installment of the long-dormant Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, The Black Order.  While the game mostly received average reviews, it was praised for its expansive roster, including the likes of Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, and many more.

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However, while most of its cast of characters were well known by both casual and hardcore Marvel fans, one character stood out. Not because she was well-known, but for being someone that not even the most die-hard fan would know about: Elsa Bloodstone. Who the is heck is she? Well, after weeks of research, we're here to tell you our findings and who she is.

7 Who were her Creators?

Elsa Bloodstone was first introduced to the world in 2001 in the aptly titled "Bloodstone" four-issue series. The series was created by Dan Abnett, best known for his work on Aquaman, Titans and the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy (which inspired the MCU's version of the team), and artist Andy Lanning, who with collaborated Abnett on Aquaman, Punisher and Warhammer.

While Elsa has drawn similarities to Buffy the Vampire slayer, both have claimed to have never even seen a full episode of Buffy and were "determined to steer clear of Buffy at least while we're doing Bloodstone."

6 What's her Origin?

During a trip to London, Elsa and her mother were visiting the estate of her later father, Ulysses Bloodstone. For the past few weeks, Elsa has been having dreams of her fighting the undead as a Monster Hunter. One Night, while exploring her father's estate, she turns over a crystal skull(not the one Indiana Jones found) and discovers the entrance to her father's secret lair. It's here where she finds numerous artifacts and weapons that her dad had used, and runs into his old assistant, Adam, a Frankenstein inspired monster. It's through him that Elsa learns of the numerous adventures her father went on and that he was a monster hunter.

Adam then gives Elsa the Bloodstone Chocker, which bestows her with the powers that would come to define her and her father for years to come. She then touches a magical lamp and is teleported away, which begins her first adventure. It takes her to meet Dracula, stopping a cult of evil mummies and having to save the family friend, Charles Barnabus, from a terrorist group of vampires that was lead by Nosferatu. When all is said and done, she decides to continue on with the family business and has been slaying Monsters for nearly 20 years now.

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5 What's her personality like?

Quite so. Unlike a lot of the ladies of the Marvel Universe, Elsa is much more snarky and proper. While she does have her serious moments, Elsa is mostly having a blast doing what she does.

She can be a bit cynical, but she's still a respectable English lady and she enjoys a nice pot of tea. If anything, Elsa is less Buffy and more like Laura Croft in earlier Tomb Raider games.

4 Does she have any Relatives?

As mentioned before, Elsa Bloodstone is the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone. Ulysses was first introduced in 1975's Marvel Presents #1, created by the three-way tag-team consisting of Len Wein (co-creator of Swamp Thing), Marv Wolfman (co-creator of New Teen Titans and Crisis on Infinite Earths), and John Warner (Known for his work on the Incredible Hulk). During this run, like his daughter, He fought creatures and monsters of the otherworldly, until his death in the late '70s, where his soul was removed from his body.

Along with Elsa is her mother, who wanted to keep the truth about her husband away from Elsa, but has sadly passed away. Her only living relative is her little brother Cullen. Cullen was introduced in 2012's Avengers Arena. When Cullen was 10, Ulysses Bloodstone took him into an alternate dimension and left him there to prove his worth as a Bloodstone. Ulysses was going to retrieve him the next day, but died and Cullen was stuck in the dimension for over 2 years. Cullen somehow returned home and was found by his sister Elsa, who thought he was at boarding school. However, he was possessed by an unknown creature and had to be apprehended by Elsa. In order to keep his "darkness" under wraps, Elsa gave him a Bloodstone ring which also increases his strength. Elsa then takes Cullen to Braddock Academy to attend high school.

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3 What are her Powers and Equipment?

Much like with her father, Elsa's powers come from the Bloodstone fragment on the Chocker she carries around. She has superhuman strength, enhanced speed, extreme endurance, and a regenerative healing factor like Wolverine and Deadpool. She is also shown to be unaffected by Vampire Bites and her Blood can kill them. It's also been revealed that even without the gemstone, she has genetically inherited some of the strength and speed that her father had. Unlike her father, who was killed when he removed the Bloodstone fragment, Elsa can remove the gem anytime she wants

She's also received training in self-defense and has become an expert marksman, as seen with the extensive arsenal of guns she carries around with her. Her favorite weapons that she keeps with her most of the time is a standard Rifle and two Uzis. Finally, she has a lamp that holds a Genie that her father had imprisoned. While we never see the Djin, it does act as an early warning system, lighting up during times of supernatural crisis, and transporting her to it.

2 What group of Teams has she been Affiliated with?

Throughout her history, Elsa has joined up with numerous teams. Her first big team was Nextwave, a group of Super Heroes and ex-super heroes who were hired to fight against terrorism, but later learn that their employers were being funded by a terrorist group. It's during these adventures where Elsa dyes her hair Orange, giving her the same look that she had in Ultimate Alliance 3.

She's also been seen as a member of the Midnight Sons, which includes the likes of Dr. Strange, Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch, Morphius, and the Werewolf by Night. The group usually fights against the supernatural beings that threat earth. Finally, she served as a member for both the Avengers and the Defenders for a short time during the Marvel Now initiative.

1 Will she be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

While Marvel hasn't publicly revealed any plans, WeGotThisCovered has received information that Marvel does have some ideas for the character at some point. Be it a series on Disney+ or Hulu, or a potential role in an upcoming movie, like Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Blade, we'll have to wait and see if she'll make her debut on the big or small screen.

So there you have it. You're now an expert on Elsa Bloodstone. Are you going to read any of the comics she's in?

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