Ellis wins Horror Guild Award for "Transmet"

Warren Ellis is making the walls bleed in his current run on DC/Vertigo's "Hellblazer," but he's never been one who needs demonically possessed babies, books written on dried skin or footsteps in an empty house to get under the skin of readers.

Proof of that came earlier this month, when he and artist Darick Robertson won the this year's International Horror Guild Award for Best Graphic Story at the World Horror Convention for the "Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street" trade paperback collection. Vertigo alumnus Neil Gaiman presented the awards, and remarked how pleased he was to see the graphic category itself.

Gaiman's role as presenter was appropriate; his "Sandman" story "A Midsummer-Night's Dream" won the World Fantasy Award in the short story category, leading comics to be declared ineligible for that award since then.

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