Ellis Shares Some Details Of Apparat 2 Projects

Back in February Warren Ellis announced that he'd be doing a second line of Apparat books with Avatar Press towards the end of this year. This past weekend, Ellis gave readers a progress report via his Bad Signal mailing list. Ellis wrote:

"Today, I'm working on Apparat2. Right now, it looks like the first three books will be 'Wardenclyffe,' 'Velocity Girl' and something with the working title of 'Genius,' though probably not in that order.

"Apparat1 worked in the zone of the 1930s. Apparat2 is in the zone of the 1950s, in comics and television, the latter of which could be said to have put paid to the broad sweep of the pulps. So early television is as much a source as EC and the like. 'Wardenclyffe,' for instance, draws a direct line between 50s horror/monster comics and the ground-breaking British TV series 'The Quartermass Experiment.'

"'Velocity Girl' takes early TV like 'Have Gun Will Travel' and nails it on to the Japanese chambara form, exemplified by the likes of 'Zatoichi.'

"'Genius,' if it comes off (and recall that I dropped a fifth Apparat1 book when it didn't work in the script), is of a piece with those odd 50s comics that championed professions, something that really flowered in Japanese comics. It also returns to something I played with in 'Transmet,' from a different angle -- the lot of the publishing editor. Also not an alien theme to television."

Ellis went on to say he's tempted to try and do a medical drama because of his interest in the characters and how "most doctors I've met have been grouchy." He also indicated he's going to try to work a romance comic in to the mix.

Over on his Web site, Ellis also has a look at the cover to "Desolation Jones" #2 as well as a panel from the upcoming "Fell" with Ben Templesmith.

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