Ellis, Shalvey present the best fight scene in 'Moon Knight' #5

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Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey's run on Moon Knight may be short, but boy has it been memorable.

This past Wednesday the duo's penultimate issue came out, featuring what Ellis called "Our Definition Of A Tony Jaa/ RAID Boombastic Thai Style." The plot of the issue is pretty simple: A young girl's been kidnapped, and Moon Knight heads into a building to save her. What follows is nothing short of awesome, as our hero heads up the stairs and encounters all manners of obstacles in his quest to find the girl in what has to be the best-drawn fight scene of the week -- heck, possibly the year so far -- if of course we're counting this issue as one long fight scene (which I am). Moon Knight takes on everyone from your regular run-of-the-mill punks with easily broken noses:

to jacked-up WWE wannabes:

to guys with knives that manage to impress even Moon Knight:

The flow of the issue is perfect, as Shalvey and colorist Jordie Bellaire present each battle as not only something spectacular in itself, but also as a piece of the larger narrative.

"I absolutely had that long one-take scene from TOM-YUNG-GOONG in mind, where Tony Jaa goes up several flights of stairs," Ellis said in his weekly Orbital Operations email. "We all had fun with it. Even the Marvel Comics proofer put a note on the bottom of the book reading 'is this the most bad-ass comic of all time?' Which it probably isn’t, but I mention it just to illustrate that it amused the shit out of everyone involved."

You can check out the Tony Jaa fight scene Ellis references after the jump (note that it's likely NSFW).

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