Ellis Provides New Details on WildStorm Expansion

DC Comics' beloved imprint, WildStorm, makes its return to comic book stores on Wednesday from writer Warren Ellis and artist Jon Davis-Hunt in the aptly titled "The Wild Storm." Ellis was brought on board to curate the WildStorm line that will see new takes on the heroes and villains that originally inhabited the world decades ago. The plan is to have "The Wild Storm" be the imprint's flagship title with Ellis revealing to Vulture when fans can expect to see more comics added to the lineup.

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While discussing the thought process behind his return to the WildStorm Universe, Ellis said, "And what [Jim Lee] asked me to do is pretty much the brief you’ve seen in the preview material — reboot and reinvent the line, with a free hand, creating four books through two years of publishing."

Of course, "The Wild Storm" hits stands this week, so that leaves three more titles to be revealed over the next two years. Any number of WildStorm creations could possibly fill one of the three slots; upon the announcement of the line, “Michael Cray,” “WildC.A.T.S.” and “Zealot" were teased as upcoming titles. Could one of the teased comics include Midnighter and Apollo? According to Ellis, the fan-favorite characters will make an appearance down the line.

"I’m making use of the DC multiversal structure. This is, if you like, 'Earth-Wildstorm,' a parallel universe to the regular DC world. This means that Steve [Orlando]'s book takes place in the mainstream DC universe. That frees me to use Midnighter and Apollo, which I plan to — but they will be alternates, and very different versions. Steve’s book stands on its own two feet, and I don’t want to mess with that."

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For more information on "The Wild Storm," check out the DC All Access video below:

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