Ellis & Howard's Trees Optioned For Television

The Image Comics series "Trees" has been optioned for television. As reported by Deadline, NBCUniversal International Studios has optioned a television series based on the comic by writer Warren Ellis and artist Jason Howard. Actor Tom Hardy's production company (Hardy Son & Baker) is behind the Image series' transformation into a live-action television series.

"Trees" launched in May 2014 and has published 14 issues since then; the most recent issue arrived in stores in August 2016. The title of the series doesn't refer to actual trees; instead, the "trees" are actually aliens that have planted themselves on the surface, giving them a tree-like appearance. Ellis and Howard's series, which has a global perspective, takes place a decade after the extraterrestrial arrival. Deadline notes that the series is expected to combine multiple genres, like drama, crime and sci-fi.

Tom Hardy and Dean Baker formed Hardy Son & Baker in 2012 and has already sold the eight-part series "Taboo" to BBC One and FX. The production company is also behind the film adaptation of the Vertigo series "100 Bullets."

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