"Elk's Run" #1 Sells-Out at Diamond

Official Press Release

Critically Acclaimed Independent Comic Elk's Run has sold out at Diamond Comics in just under a week. Hailed by IGN.com as the Best of the Week, called "the start of something memorable" by Comixfan, and by Wizard as one of their top 50 Things to Know above Indie Comics in 2005.

Hoarse and Buggy Productions Editor In Chief, Joshua Hale Fialkov, is thrilled at the news. "I'm so glad that people are connecting with the book in such a strong way. We've really been promoting the hell out of it because we love it so much, and really want to share it with the world." Additional copies of the book are being made available to Diamond from H&B's convention copies, meaning that these books are going to be even harder to find in a few months time. "We really recommend reordering now, because at the rate the book is selling, there won't be any copies left anywhere really, really soon."

This follows the trend H&B started with their hit anthology Western Tales of Terror. "WToT started out slow, but has really picked up steam. Diamond is sold out of the books just about every week now it seems, and we keep restocking as fast as we can."

With the 2nd issue of Elk's Run in Previews now, Fialkov hopes retailers and readers don't make the same mistake twice. "The book's only going to build, and I Just hope that people go out and pre-order, because all of this great word of mouth, and even a sell out, doesn't mean that our orders will go up, and really, comics publishing is an 'initial numbers' game, without those initial orders, it makes it much more difficult for the books to make it all the way through to their conclusion."

Elk's Run #1 is available for backorder while H&B refills Diamond's requests for more copies, and Elk's Run #2 is in previews now. H&B has also provided a downloadable order form for interested retailers and customers, available here, and reminds retailers that if they have trouble getting their books from Diamond, that they are also available via Cold Cut and FM International, as well as through the retailer's section of the Hoarse & Buggy Website.

About Hoarse and Buggy Productions.

Hoarse and Buggy Productions was formed in 2004 by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Christopher Arundel as a catch-all for all of their creative ventures, including publishing, film-making, and animation. In that short time, the company has grown to be one of the most talked about independent comic book publishers in the industry, with critical acclaim coming from Wizard, Variety, and virtually every comic book website.

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