Eliza Dushku Responds To <i>Bird Dog</i>

Echo has adopted her latest imprint. The name: Bird Dog.

That's right, Dollhouse actress Eliza Dushku is coming back to television with an all-new series for TNT titled Bird Dog. Deadline reports that the actress is set to star in the pilot episode as Gail McGrath, a police officer who followed in the footsteps of her estranged New York City cop father, but the two have little in common beyond their shared profession. While working in a small pacific northwest town, Gail is paid a visit by her father, who she learns is her new partner. Together, the two must solve crime and their own relationship as they respond to the call sign "Bird Dog." Mike Robe wrote and is directing the pilot for TNT.

In other television news, Deadline also reports that D.B. Sweeney has landed the starring role in Dean Devlin's pilot Brain Trust for TBS. Sweeney stars as Detective Billy Doyle, who partners up with three geniuses from a private think tank after inadvertently tanking his own partner's career.

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