Elijah Wood, Donald Sutherland Join Eddie Izzard In <i>Treasure Island</i>

Although we've known since early last month, when he was added to the ever-growing cast of The Hobbit, that Elijah Wood is starring in Treasure Island, details of the project have been scarce. That is until today, when Syfy officially announced the two-part television movie.

Produced by RHI Entertainment, the company behind Tin Man, The Odyssey and Riverworld, the adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic stars Wood as Ben Gunn, Eddie Izzard as Long John Silver and Donald Sutherland as Flint. The cast also includes Toby Regbo, Phillip Glenister, Rupert-Penry-Jones, David Harewood and Keith Allen. Here's the official description:

The timeless tale of reckless buccaneers, buried fortunes, friendships forged in peril on the high seas Treasure Island is the definitive pirate action-adventure. Jim Hawkins may be younger than his shipmates aboard the Hispaniola, but only he holds the map to successfully get the schooner to Skeleton Island in search of a legendary buried treasure.  Soon after befriending a peg-legged cook named John Silver, loyalties shift and suspicions of mutiny and skullduggery become a reality. Forced into a complex game of cat-and-mouse, Jim starts to wonder whom he can really trust with the map, and his life.

Filming is under way in Puerto Rico and Ireland for a planned premiere in early 2012.

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