'Elfquest: 25th Anniversary Edition' inaugurates DC's Elfquest Line

Official Press Release

Celebrating both the 25th Anniversary of Elfquest's debut and the beginning of DC's line of Elfquest publications and products, DC is proud to present ELFQUEST: 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION, a 40-page one-shot created by Wendy and Richard Pini that reprints the introductory story from the now-classic Elfquest #1, originally published in 1978!

"It's great to be getting underway," Wendy Pini says. "It's been a long time since I've worked to a schedule. This is like a rebirth for me, really getting back into the trenches. It's so satisfying to be making the changes and upgrades to the original artwork for new readers, and I'm very emotionally connected to the new storyline which I'm starting this month."

Richard Pini added, "As an erstwhile publisher, I have to admit I wondered what I would do to fill my days. Happily, I now have more than enough to do and it feels wonderful to be teaming up again full time with Wendy."

Newly relettered and recolored by Wendy Pini and featuring the classic cover image from Elfquest #1, this story introduces readers to the Wolfriders and their proud leader, Cutter. It begins a story that has become the most successful fantasy/adventure saga the comics world has ever seen, well-known for its unique visual appeal and inventive characters.

This issue is the inaugural item in an expansive Elfquest line from DC that will include color hardcover archives, black-and-white trade paperbacks and collected editions, and new, original material! ELFQUEST: 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION also features an interview with the Pinis discussing DC's publishing plan for the rich library of ELFQUEST stories and previewing the first all-new Elfquest story in years, "The Searcher and The Sword."

ELFQUEST: 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION is a 40-page Special solicited in the May issue of Previews (Volume XIII #5). It is scheduled to arrive in comic-book stores July 2 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S. Retailer note: A limited quantity of copies will be distributed at Elfquest events at Comic-Con International: San Diego from July 17-20.

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