Eleven & Barb Hit The Bricks In Stranger Things LEGO Highlight Reel

If you're eagerly awaiting the return of "Stranger Things" to Netflix and you want something new to hold you over until season two, then this new season one highlight reel might just do the trick. No, this is not a normal highlight reel; it's a LEGO highlight reel. Produced by Bookshelf Productions, the clip reimagines over a dozen scenes from the Netflix horror/drama's first season using the popular building bricks. Surprisingly, the tense mood of the series actually carries through when recreated by LEGOs -- maybe it's the music?

Of course, spoiler warning for everyone that hasn't finished the first season of "Stranger Things." While the video focuses a lot on events from the first episode, the entire four-minute-long clip goes all the way to the end of season one with its minifig recreations. You see things like Joyce pleading her case to Hopper, Eleven's big wig makeover and the truck flip action sequence all recreated with LEGOs. The video even ends with that same cliffhanger that made plenty of "Stranger Things" desperate to know what's going on with Will.

And yes, Barb is in this.

While odds are we won't get a "Stranger Things" LEGO set anytime soon, fans of the Duffer Brothers' show will still get figures to display on their shelves. Funko has announced that they're releasing a line of Pop! Vinyls featuring characters from the show, including an Eggo-hoarding Eleven and Barb herself. And if you're looking for more stylized parodies of the series, then there's plenty more beyond this LEGO version. A "Charlie Brown Christmas"-style parody video dropped last week, featuring this cast of kids reimagined to be the Peanuts cast of kids. And there's also the video done in the style of an '80s video game.

As for official news about season two of "Stranger Things," we do know for sure that Eleven will be back for more (despite how we last saw her in season one). Unfortunately, Barb won't be back, although it looks like the case of the missing teen will still be a part of the show's storyline moving forward. We also already know the episode titles of season two, thanks to a teaser video.

You can also check out this first photo of the new cast's first season two table read. The second season of “Stranger Things” is slated for release in 2017 on Netflix.

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