Elephantmen Run Rampant As Issue #1 Sells Out of 16,000 Copies

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA -- Active Images announces that its new baby, ELEPHANTMEN, has done just what Doctor Nikken, the mastermind behind the Unhumans' creation, hoped: they've been released en masse on an unsuspecting human public. Issue #1 of ELEPHANTMEN from Image Comics has officially sold out of its 16,000-copy first printing. Retailers and fans can rest easy; a second printing is on its way. ELEPHANTMEN was deemed Best of the Week of its release by Fourth Rail.

Launched at Comic-Con International: San Diego at the end of July, it has taken less than a month to burn through all 16,000 copies printed. A combination of factors contributed to this success: astoundingly positive reviews in both comic and mainstream publications, Ladrönn's Eisner win for Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (HIP FLASK: MYSTERY CITY), a regular, monthly schedule for a world that fans continue to fall in love with, and most important, word of mouth from lively and loyal fans.

HIP FLASK and ELEPHANTMEN creator, Richard Starkings, was asked for a comment but was found to have been knocked down with a feather.

A sampling of the acclaim:

Forthcoming issues

ELEPHANTMEN #2 (Image Comics, Aug 2006, $2.99, 36 full-color pages, Starkings (w), Moritat and Henry Flint (artists), Ian Churchill and Ladrönn (covers) Diamond #JUN061708) Two intense stories! BEHEMOTH AND LEVIATHAN. Hip Flask takes on the Croc Elijah Delaney above and below the waters of the Los Angeles canal! SHOCK CROC. Mouth Almighty Herman Strumm and his delectable sidekick, Rabbi, entertain satellite radio listeners when Elijah Delaney stops by Dogstar Radio to deliver an exclusive interview!

ELEPHANTMEN #3 (Image Comics, Sept 2006, $2.99, 36 full-color pages, Starkings (w), Moritat and Tom Scioli (artists), cover by Ladrönn, variant cover by Brian Bolland (ships 50/50) Diamond # JUL061699) A GOOD LOOK. As Hip Flask recovers from his battle with Elijah Delaney, Hiromi Kiyoko looks after him as they wait for medical help... THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM! Ebony Hide may need medical help himself after a run in with gang baron Serengheti.

ELEPHANTMEN #4 (Image Comics, Oct 2006, $2.99, 36 full-color pages, Starkings (w), Moritat (a), Joe Madureira and Ladronn (covers) Diamond # AUG061766)


recover from their injuries, Miki stops by with a bunch of grapes and learns about Tusk and the torturous world of MAPPO. Plus: BRICKMAN RETURNS! 'Nuff Said! Story & art by Lew Stringer.

More on ELEPHANTMEN can be found at http://www.hipflask.com/elephantmen/

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