"Elephantmen" #10 Sells Out!

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA -- Image Comics has announced that ELEPHANTMEN #10 (which hit stores less than a week ago on the opening day of San Diego) has already sold out!

Active Images and Image Comics are also both amazed and proud that their hit series ELEPHANTMEN has released twelve issues in the last 12 months, including the bumper-sized PILOT issue, the bumper-sized Joe Kelly/Chris Bachalo issue #7 and the ZERO issue which reprinted the long-out-of-print HIP FLASK #1: UNNATURAL SELECTION. ELEPHANTMEN issues 2 through 9, the reprint of ELEPHANTMEN #1, as well as ELEPHANTMEN #0 and the PILOT issue will all be offered again in the November Diamond Previews.

100 advance copies of ELEPHANTMEN: WOUNDED ANIMALS, which collects ELEPHANTMEN issues 1 through 7, sold out at Comic-Con: San Diego last week. The WOUNDED ANIMALS hardcover hits stores worldwide on today (Wednesday).

In addition, Image Comics is thrilled to announce that ELEPHANTMEN has been one of its Top 10 sellers during the entire run of the series. In an average month, Image Comics releases on average 30 single-issue comics and 20 graphic novels. While the releases fluctuate, ELEPHANTMEN ranks in the top 10 sales of single issue comics every time.

"We heard the skeptics," said Richard Starkings, President & First Tiger of Active Images. "We heard the naysayers... but I also heard the tinkling sound of a little bell, and I kept believing! I always wanted ELEPHANTMEN to be monthly, and with the amazing work of Moritat, Ladrönn and a host of friends and colleagues, we've done just that. Plus, it's given Ladrönn the time he needs to continue his slow but steady work on HIP FLASK, while keeping fans of the world of Mystery City in touch with Hip and his fellow Elephantmen every month."


Underneath a veneer of success and celebrity, Obadiah Horn believes himself to be more animal than man. Forced to hide this side of himself from his human consort, Sahara, he is nevertheless aware that she is the only one that understands the war that rages inside him and can perhaps save him from himself. But in all wars, there must be casualties.

ELEPHANTMEN #10 ($2.99, Diamond Order Code: APR07 1866, 32 pages)


For anyone that missed any of the first seven issues, check out the first ELEPHANTMEN collection, ELEPHANTMEN: WOUNDED ANIMALS (Image Comics, August 2007, Diamond Code: JAN07 1927, ISBN: 978-1582406916, $24.99, 224-page hardcover): They were genetically engineered to be supra-human weapons of mass destruction, but ultimately dismissed collectively as Elephantmen. Hip Flask, Ebony Hide and Obadiah Horn count amongst their number; wounded animals who, despite their differences and origins, must live in the world of man. ELEPHANTMEN: WOUNDED ANIMALS collects issues 1 through 7 of the acclaimed series called, "A labour of love, not just for the fictional world within it, but the medium itself." [Adam White , Pulp Fiction Comics]

All Active Images's books are available in all finer comic book stores.

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