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[Elektra]Hey, True Believer!

In a tense and sad situation such as we currently find ourselves, it sure helps to deal with the pain with a little levity. Fortunately, the fine folks of Stuff, the sister mag of Maxim, have come through with something that comic book fans will find especially entertaining.

The October 2001 issue, on sale at newsstands now, features "The Stuff 69," which compiles the "69 Sexiest People, Places and Positions of 2001." Standing proudly alongside the likes of actress Penélope Cruz and model Estella is The House's own mistress of Martial Arts mayhem, Elektra.

"Marvel Comics' newly revamped ninja assassin kicks ass and seduces men in her skintight red superhero uniform," states Stuff. The men's magazine then quotes Pete Bonavita of New York City's Forbidden Planet as saying "Elektra is hot. She's beautiful and has more depth than other comic characters."

Accompanied by a full-color illustration by Elektra cover artist Greg Horn, the Greek goddess stakes her territory at spot #37, ranking ahead of the U.S.'s own Ben Franklin.

What else is there to add except 'Nuff Said?

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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