'Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer' expands

Official Press Release

ELEKTRA & WOLVERINE: THE REDEEMER #1, the debut issue of the illustrated prose graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Yoshitaka Amano, will expand from 48 to 56 pages, but will not increase its cover price of $5.95. The three-part series reveals the first meeting of Elektra, who currently stars in her own top-selling Marvel Knights title, and Wolverine, whose ORIGIN is currently the industry's #1 best seller.

"Mr. Amano's work on this book is absolutely stunning, and it simply demanded more space in order to be properly showcased," explained editor Jenny Lee. "Also, while this project is not sequential storytelling in the conventional sense, the illustrations and words do flow together in a very specific rhythm to create a narrative effect greater than the sum of its parts. The extra eight pages will ensure that both Greg's words and Mr. Amano's art get the treatment they deserve to properly come together. The layout is just about finished and issue #1 looks gorgeous."

ELEKTRA & WOLVERINE: THE REDEEMER pairs text by crime novelist Greg Rucka with dozens of all-new fully-painted illustrations by world-renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano in a self-contained tale of suspense. To put it into language that action fans will crave, it's a deadly game of intrigue pitting Elektra's ninja skills against Wolverine's samurai-honed instincts and warrior bloodlust!

Printed on glossy stock paper, ELEKTRA & WOLVERINE: THE REDEEMER features a cardstock cover and is published in the perfect bound, bookshelf format. Look for the 56-page first issue to hit your nearest comics shop on November 21st. You can learn more about Wolverine and Elektra at Marvel.com!

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