Elektra, The Batman, Sin City, Hellboy 2: September 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


Actress Jennifer Garner has been making the rounds, chatting up her Daredevil spinoff. First, she talked to the Herald Sun talking about the lack of Affleck. "I did miss him," said. "I missed his advice. I could hide behind him on 'Daredevil,' and I suddenly didn't have anyone there. To take a character from a comic book and make it real is really challenging. Making her story keep going in a way that is truthful and interesting is what made the idea of doing a sequel appealing." Garner was less happy about squeezing back into tight leather. "That's always a bummer," she said, "but that's just part of being a girl."

The actress also talked to IESB, where she talked about the combat scenes. "The rest of the shoot went really well," Garner said. "We had a few more big fights. We shot all the big finale stuff. It continued to be rough and tumble and really fun. They were the toughest fights I've ever done. I fought five guys with a bo stick, five ninjas. That was pretty intense. And I had a fight with my sais against two kitanas. I kept getting bonked and there was some bloodshed there. That was pretty intense as well."


Anxious to see the all-new animated action for yourself? Superhero Hype has a first look in Windows Media, Real and glorious Quicktime.


Comingsoon.net has an interview with Josh Hartnett where the actor discusses his bookending role in the Frank Miller adaptation. "I play a kind of unnamed character. The reason I got into it is because Robert Rodriguez needed to get the rights from Frank Miller. Frank had felt like he had been duped before. He didn't want to give the rights away to his baby, Sin City. I had worked with Robert before and I told him at the time, anytime he ever wanted me to do anything, I'd be up for it and I was about to go shoot 'Mozart.' He was like, 'Well, just come down here for a couple days, we'll shoot a scene and show Frank that we're going to do this right.' So I went down there and then Frank gave him the rights after that and then Robert called me back after I got done with 'Mozart' and said, 'Can you come down and just do one more scene for the end of the movie.' So I'm just in the beginning and the end."


Director Guillermo del Toro talked to Empire Magazine about his work on the Mike Mignola adaptation. "I would love to make Hellboy into a trilogy. Creatively, Mike Mignola and I know that we want to at least do that. Economically, it's the studio's decision. We tried to do an entire sequel based on the Roger [a homunculus created by a scientist to bring about the end of the world] origin story, and found it to be actually very similar to what Hellboy is in the first movie -- a conflicted monster. So the sequel will have another BPRD member, Johan the Ectoplasmic Agent."


Comingsoon.net also noted that Irish actor Cillian Murphy completed his part in filming of the Christopher Nolan-helmed Bat-flick.


UGO.com has a video interview (Windows Media only) with Keanu Reeves about the upcoming Vertigo adaptation.


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