Elektra, Spider-Man 3, AvP, more: April 20th Comic Reel Wrap


McFarlane Toys has some spoilerish details about the plot of the new action film, as well as photos of five fgures based on things you'll see in the film, "Scar Predator," "Elder Predator," "Celtic Predator," "Battle Grid Alien" and "Battle Alien."


No, we're not content to talk about the sequel you'll see next, we're moving on to the one after that! Actor Daniel Gillies spoke with Moviehole, and he said you've not seen the last of spaceman John Jameson. "Yep, I had to agree to come back for the third one. No big secret that there's going to be a third one, it was recently announced publicly, and yep, I'm back. And after all, movies seem to be all about trilogies these days don't they?" He was also called back to do "additional dialogue recording" and saw some of the finished scenes, including the one with Bruce Campbell.


According to USA Today, Jennifer Garner was far from a shoe-in for the role of everybody's favorite Greek ninja assassin. "During pre-production on Daredevil, 'we were auditioning hundreds of people' for the part, says Marvel studio chief Avi Arad. 'And in walks Jennifer. She's beautiful, looks strong and confident. Everyone is impressed.' Just before the audition began, however, Garner asked whether she could wear her cell phone while she acted out the scene. 'I said to myself, 'Listen, lady. This is a big movie you're trying out for,'' Arad says. But Garner was insistent. 'She said her sister was in labor and she wanted to get the phone if it was her,' he says. 'So we said OK.' Mid-audition, Garner's phone rang. 'It was her agent,' Arad says, laughing, 'wanting to know how the audition went.' Despite the interruption, Garner got the part. 'The more you look and get to know her, the more you realize what great potential she has,' Arad says. 'When you can combine that kind of strength of character and work ethic and beauty, you'd be smart to put that in your movies.'"


Ready for more orange tabby? Latino Review has a new theatrical banner poster for the feline flick.


Where would we be without Guillermo del Toro? The loquacious director has been all over the web chatting up the next acts for the cigar-chomping demon, and Creature Corner rounded it all up. The report states, "they are in talks with Gonzo Anime to work on an anime series of Hellboy , and they're holding out for the best possible video game publishers to make sure when there is a game, it's done right. Mike Mignola and Guillermo will be very involved in the development of both the anime series and game to make sure it stays true to the Hellboy mythos." del Toro also noted a poll for fans to vote on their favorite figures, which he'll personally lobby to get into series 2 from Mezco. Finally del Toro claims a sequel would be "relatively inexpensive," and the "Almost Colossus" and "Conqueror Worm" storylines are likely suspects for the next story.


According to a scooper at Cinescape, "the bat-mobile itself is a fully-working, 160mph capable assault vehicle that's been tested at a local UK Ministry of Defence site by a military test driver, as well as location shots in Prague (I think). It's been doing stunt jumps, and I understand that the rear jet is used to boost/stabilise her. Yep, that thing on the back works -- my friend described seeing a heat haze that belonged, on further investigation, to the jet on the back of this thing being tested. CGI is being kept to a minimum, we're talking live-action stunt work for the most. Should be gritty."


According to a certain former hobbit and ex-Goonie is in talks to direct a season four episode (which isn't directing "Fantastic Four," but it's something). Also they note that series creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar stepped in to write the teleplay for the season finale "Covenant" from a story by Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer. Finally, AOL has released an actual scene (RealMedia only) from tomorrow's episode "Truth" as a promotional tool.


CBR's own Rich Johnston caught a spy report from the set of the Frank Miller adaptation. The notes follow: "They were filming the strip club scene. Apparently, this will be the most faithful adaptation of a comic in history, because their shooting script was xeroxed copies of Sin City. They line up the camera to look like the panel, and they shoot ... They're filming 'Sin City, That Yellow Bastard' and 'The Big Fat Kill.' The stories will be cut together 'Pulp Fiction' style. An intro starring Josh Hartnett is from 'Booze, Broads, and Bullets' ... Mickey Rourke as Marv. They used prosthetics to make him true to the comic: square jaw, flat nose, everything ... Nancy hasn't been cast yet. They used a stand in ... Frank Miller is on set."


As always, Comics Continuum has tons of spoilers in their photo-referenced synopsis of this week's syndicated episode "In Between."


According to press release issued by Komikwerks, "Jason Kruse's The World of Quest has been licensed by Warner Bros., for development as an animated television series ... The World of Quest, which first appeared on Komikwerks.com in November of 2003, is the story of a former hero named Quest, who unwillingly becomes the bodyguard to Prince Nestor of Odyssia. The Prince is a young smart-alec who knows the whereabouts of a mystic dagger that is the key to ultimate power. Together, Quest and the Prince face creatures, bounty hunters, and other evils vying for the weapon. In between dangers, they must deal with each other. 'The comic was only up on the site for a week when we got a call from Warner Bros.,' says Shannon Denton, Komikwerks' co-founder. 'We knew The World of Quest is great a great property, but wow -- what a response!'"


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