Elektra, Smallville, Fantastic Four, Batman Begins: December 27th Comic Reel Wrap


As the Jennifer Garner-laced action flick looms ever closer, they're updating the official website with screensavers, bios and more.

As well, if you just can't wait, there's spoilers galore available if you're willing to check out the first four pages of the Marvel Comics adaptation of the film.


As far as we can tell, Kryptonsite is the first one to report a fairly sizeable spoiler that will change the show considerably. They also have regular old spoilers for two February episodes, "Recruit" and "Krypto."


Cinescape has an alleged insider report that claims that a certain Pixar animated film made Marvel change their tune. "Two sources have now independently told us that the entire third act of 'FANTASTIC FOUR' has undergone extensive changes as a result of Disney and Pixar's CGI family film 'THE INCREDIBLES.' As it happens, we're told that once the creative FF team saw the stretching effects of the 'INCREDIBLES' character Elastigirl, the final battle we're yet to see in 'FANTASTIC FOUR' needed to be beefed up, especially what the character of Mister Fantastic was slated to do ... It also turns out, in this post-'INCREDIBLES' landscape, that the third act of 'FANTASTIC FOUR' had to undergo a major rewrite. We've heard stories of the writers and producers working overtime all through November and December as they thought about ways to ratchet up the film's final battles and the resolution. This has supposedly made for some frought moments as the script changed, almost daily -- and word has it, the changes made were to distance the 'FANTASTIC FOUR' ending from that of 'THE INCREDIBLES.'"


A user page at Comcast has a really good bitmap image of Christian Bale in the Batsuit.


Actor Rutger Hauer has updated his website with a photo of himself in the role of Cardinal Roark, which Hauer has titled "Patrick Henry."


New international posters from the Vertigo-based Keanu Reeves vehicle? Oh, all right, if you insist, from (we believe) Taiwan and the country you'll most likely know as Myanmar, but it'll always be Burma to me.


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