Elektra, Painkiller Jane, V for Vendetta, Batman Begins: January 5th Comic Reel Wrap


Actress Jennifer Garner may be too sick to attend her own premiere, according to USA Today. "It's unknown whether Jennifer Garner, who has a viral infection, will be able to appear at the Vegas premiere for Elektra Saturday. 'She's taking it day by day,' her publicist, Nicole King, said Monday after Inside Edition reported that Garner, 32, had canceled all public appearances for the week. As for whether Garner will be at the Las Vegas premiere of Elektra scheduled for Saturday, King said, 'We don't know yet.'"


The Hollywood Reporter notes that the former Mrs. Lex Luthor, actress Emmanuelle Vaugier, has been chosen to play the Quesada/Palmiotti anti-heroine in the Sci Fi Network two hour pilot. Walker Howard has also been cast.


Variety (subscription required) is confirming what we reported yesterday, that actress Natalie Portman "is in final negotiations to topline the Wachowski brothers' 'V for Vendetta,' for Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver." Portman would fill the Evey Hammond role.


The French cinema magazine Score has a great new photo of the Bat looming over the Gotham City skyline. Or is it Chicago? Hard to know.

Meanwhile, Sci Fi Wire has an article recounting the horror story about Christian Bale's wild weight fluctuations. "I finished The Machinist in July [2003], and then we started filming on this at the end of February [2004]," Bale said. "I did have a lot of work to do. Just because, ... you know, it's one of those parts that you have to be in decent shape for. Visually, but also ... just dealing with being in that suit for 12 hours a day. [I was] eating, just eating like crazy, just trying to put on pounds and pounds and pounds. I actually went … way overboard. By the time I arrived in England, you know, [director] Chris [Nolan] kind of looked at me in shock and kind of went, 'God, you're like some grizzly bear.' Because I arrived with long hair and a beard and stuff , and I was, like, filling up the hallway. I had actually, by that time, ... put on exactly 100 pounds from the day of finishing The Machinist to arriving in January in England. And it was not very healthy. It wasn't a healthy way to go. I could lift a lot of weights, but you ask me to run across the room, and I would have been exhausted. So when I got here, that's when I had to really start leaning out and doing a lot of running and all of that stuff, and got my weight way back up."


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