Elektra heats up the summer with new artist and new painted series

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Soon to appear in the Daredevil feature film, Marvel's sai-wielding femmefatale will leap into the spotlight this Summer!

"This is going to be a big Summer for Elektra fans!" announced Sr. EditorStuart Moore. "First off, in June we're revamping the regular seriescourtesy of our spectacular new art team, new talent Carlo Pagulayan(penciler) and ace inker Danny Miki (GHOST RIDER, Spawn). They join coverartist Greg Horn, and regular writer Greg Rucka, who's bringing a newgrittiness and depth to Marvel's beautiful killer. In fact, we like whatRucka's brought to the table so much, we've signed him up for 12 moreissues! ELEKTRA #11, on sale June 5th, kicks off a new story, in which ourfemale assassin has her whole life taken away -- and she wants to know why!"

Here's the cover to issue #11, as well as a full-color interior page:

[Elektra by Scott Morse]"July brings the premiere of ELEKTRA: GLIMPSE AND ECHO, a four-issuemini-series written and fully painted by indy sensation Scott Morse, anaccomplished animator whose comics work includes Ancient Joe, Soulwind,Magic Pickle, and many more," Moore added. "GLIMPSE AND ECHO is a moody talethat shows a different side of Elektra, as she investigates a call frombeyond the grave -- that may herald the return of an ancient ninja menace."

Here's the cover to the first issue of that four-part adventure:

"Finally, issues #9 and #10 of ELEKTRA will not be drawn by Chuck Austen aspreviously announced; Chuck had to bow out of the series early due to somepressing TV commitments (as well as his upcoming top-secret project here atMarvel), and we wish him well," Moore revealed. "Joe Bennett, artist of lastyear's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL, has stepped in to illustrate these stories-- and he's working in a new, moody style that fits ELEKTRA to a T. Issues#9 and #10 will be out in April and May, respectively."

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Marketing Communications Manager

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