Elektra Creator Frank Miller "Not Going To Whine" About Compensation

In addition to his take on the Dark Knight inspiring Ben Affleck's version of the hero in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," Frank Miller will see another one of his iconic characters come to life when Elektra debuts in season two of Netflix's "Daredevil." Unlike Batman, which Miller redefined for a new generation in "The Dark Knight Returns," Miller wrote and drew Elektra's first appearance and has the sole creator credit for her. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Miller talked about whether or not that creator credit has resulted in any monetary compensation.

"No," answered Miller. "I don't know if they quite know I exist. Let's see if they credit me for creating Elektra."

He then expanded on his thoughts about whether or not he should get paid for the usage of characters he created. "I'm not running for president. I don't want to be one of those cranky old guys grinding an ax, wishing I got paid better," said Miller. "I've done my best to pave the way for artists in the future to be treated better than I have. And that's all I can do. Beyond that, I'd be pissing and moaning about things I have no control over. I've signed every contract that I've signed and agreed to the working conditions that I've worked in. And I'm not going to whine about this. I make a good living."

The issue of compensation for comic creators whose characters end up in films and TV series has been a much debated topic over the past few years. The issue gained attention in 2012 when it was initially thought that Jack Kirby would not get credit for co-creating the Avengers with Stan Lee in the film's closing credits. More recently, Gerry Conway called out the policies DC Comics had in place regarding creator credit over characters used in "The Flash"; he later apologized.

Miller also reiterated the fact that he will not be watching "Daredevil" or "Batman v Superman." "I didn't make up Batman, I didn't make up Daredevil, I have no right to be possessive, but once I've worked on a character, it's hard to see any other way than my way," said Miller. "By and large, most of what they do, I'll just get grouchy if I see it. So I tend not to look at it, except for few exceptions."

"Daredevil" season two debuts on Netflix on March 18; "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" arrives in theaters on March 25.

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