Elektra, Comic Book: The Movie, Smallville, more: Comic Reel Wrap for January 16th


Comics Continuum talked with Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige, who told them that Elektra was a "go" for filming this summer, during a hiatus on Jennifer Garner's hit show "Alias." "We've had a number of great writers come in and work on it and we're talking to directors," Feige said. When asked about what sort of antagonists Garner might face, Feige replied, "She doesn't have the sort of spectacular, over-the-top, costumed, made-up mutated villains," he said. "She has what we believe to be very scary, very sleek, very organized and very deadly adversaries. The tone of the film will be fun and adventurous, but the villains always fit their heroes. And Elektra doesn't wear a mask or hide her face. It will be unique villains that I think people will recognize and be very excited to see."


Mark Hamill's love letter to fanboys, "Comic Book: The Movie" has launched its trailer for the world to see. Daniel DeFabio also told us that LA area fans can get a look at the film next week. And, in case you missed it, CBR News talked with Hammil yesterday about the movie.


Spoiler Warning! The gang at Kryptonsite have a first look at images from the episode "Whisper," and the first one is ... well, let's just say it's keeping its eye on the future.


Superherohype has a collection of images from the web spinning sequel, originally printed in Australia's Sunday Telegraph, including a Otto Octavius baseball hat and stills from the film itself.


The eye has it -- the official site has slowly begun it's launch, with a placeholder of the logo, heralding things to come.


Ola Hellsten wrote in to remind us that "Tintin" is from Belgium, not France. We apologize for the mix up.


Moviehole has a spy report that says Charlie's Angels" director McG may be on the way out and "Troy" helmer Wolfgang Peterson may be on the way in. There's no official word on it anywhere on the net.


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