Elektra, Catwoman, Hellboy, Spider-Man: March 29th Comic Reel Wrap


USA Today notes that production on the Jennifer Garner spin off will begin in five weeks. Garner said, "I'm getting ready to train to battle Typhoid Mary." Producer Gary Foster helped movie guru Avi Arad choose the villainess, saying, "Typhoid Mary is a psychotic. By day she's this normal woman, and at night she loses her mind and drives you into this disease, where you literally get typhoid."


Variety has an in-depth article about Halle Berry and the new Warner Brothers feline film. Berry found the process of diving into the character a revelation. nitially, the idea of playing Catwoman just seemed exciting. I had no idea what would come to me until I started delving into the character," she said. "It's much more than a one-dimensional comicbook, and it wasn't until I got into the process that I discovered there was more in the script and that I could add more to it from my personal experience."

Also, eagle-eyed reader Dennis Weber wrote in to say footage of Halle Berry as Catwoman was seen on Extra, and then posted at this site (which was having bandwidth problems at press time).


Actor Ron Perlman sat down with Comingsoon.net and talked about his experience as Mike Mignola's creation, especially his forceful introduction to comics. "Guillermo had dinner with me moments after he had dinner with Mike Mignola for the first time and said, 'I just acquired the rights to this comic book that I love called Hellboy, and I'd like to introduce you to him because in a perfect world, you'd be the guy playing him.' I said, 'Well how big a movie does it need to be?' He said, 'Ninety million dollars.' I went, 'Good luck to you. I'd rather not meet Hellboy. I'd rather not know any more about Hellboy because I'm probably never going to play him. And you don't wanna fall in love with a girl only to see some other guy walk down the aisle with her. So, he, having impeccable respect for my opinion, immediately brought me to Meltdown, which is a comic book store on Sunset Blvd. and said, 'Well you're going to look at Hellboy whether you want to or not.' He grabbed me by the back of the hair and said, 'Look! Look! There he is!' And I met Hellboy and I went, 'Hmm, interesting.' And then forgot it. It took six years before Guillermo goes, 'Well, my friend, I have some interesting news for you.'" Director Guillermo del Toro talked to Sci Fi Wire about some of the fun he had as well. "To me, movies are about little textures, and I love having sort of a moving set," he said. "I felt that it was just so neat to have such a huge guy coexist with these needy little creatures. You know, just rubbing against his chin while he's writing a love letter. It sets him up, and it's not in the comics. ... That's why in this big action sequence, I wanted to put in a box of kittens. He goes, 'Oh, my God. I will destroy the entire train station, but I've got to protect these kittens.'"


Warm up your pause buttons. Animation director Joaquim Dos Santos told Comics Continuum that the new opening credits will feature more than 60 DC heroes. "We've got a heckuva lot more characters, pretty much a full roster of DC heroes," Dos Santos said. "The opening teaser a huge shot of the interior of the Watchtower and it's literally just packed with every character you can imagine. I know it's going to be a pause-fest going on, where people are picking out heroes." There'll be some changes from previous seasons, said Dos Santos. "They've done away with the two-part format. It's just 30-minute episodes. The way it works out there's a core group, and they'll take a team of two or three other heroes on an adventure with them. There's basically a team leader and then the new guys on the team, the rookies. Other than that, there's no real format. It can kind of go anyway in wants." The season opener, "Initiation," features Green Arrow, Supergirl and Captain Atom. Look for that in August.


The doctor will see you now -- the official site has posted a new photo of Alfred Molina as Otto Octavius. Plus, Superhero Hype has a scan from The Sun, showing the web-slinger in action. Sam Raimi is already talking "Spider-Man 3" in Variety: "Raimi is polishing this summer's 'Spider-Man 2,' but he admits he's started to think about 'Spider-Man 3.' (No disclosures, except that Peter Parker and MJ's romance will 'continue to take unexpected turns.')."


The Christopher Nolan film has yet to hit the screens, but Batman-on-Film says that a sequel is already slated for 2008. "Word in tonight from a longtime 'insider' is that the head-honchos at Warner Bros. are penciling in the next Bat-flick for a summer 2008 release. And while this film is a stand-alone flick -- there is no cliffhanger -- it clearly sets up a sequel."


The trailer for the Bill Murray-voiced big screen adaptation has been posted at Apple.com.


According to Inland Empire Strikes Back, producer Tom DeSanto confirmed that "Back to the Future" veteran Robert Zemeckis would direct the big screen, live action giant robot movie, and that the film would be distributed on New Line. They also say, "fter the revelation he noticed that I was quite shocked to see that he had volunteered that information so easily. Immediately he begged not to be quoted." They say the film "won't be ready until at least late 2006, most likely a December release." They also claims that the TV series' voice actors Frank Welker and Peter Cullen will reprise their duties for the new film.


Kryptonsite has posted the official description for the upcoming episode "Legacy," guest starring Christopher Reeve.


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