Elektra, Batman, Mutant X, more: April 26th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Goran Visnjic, who starred as the title character in last week's USA Network movie special "Spartacus," is in negotiations to star as the male lead opposite Jennifer Garner in "Elektra" for helmer Rob Bowman ... Elektra is assigned to kill Visnjic's character by the Hand over something his grandfather did; however, she ends up falling for him. Terence Stamp rounds out the cast." Visnjic is best known for his work on the television program "er" as Dr. Luka Kovac.


Christian Bale spoke to Film Rotation and was angry at allegations that he was making a "comic book movie." "We're making a film based on a much loved graphic novel. I think to use the term 'comic book' really under values the source material!" When asked to describe the film, he said it was "a cross between 'Serpico' and 'The French Connection' mixed with a really f***ing cool samurai, kung fu movie, and there's like some really strong 70s conspiracy movie vibes in their too! It is definitely not a Batman that you've seen on screen before."

In other news, Superhero Hype has set pictures from an area called Mill Hill.


Acytess Karen Cliche, who plays Lexa Pierce on the syndicated series, posted some news to her website: "Just thought I would be the first to let you know before it has been officially announced that 'Mutant X' is cancelled. We are all very sad. Don't know when they will make it official, but we have (the cast) been advised that we aren't going another season. We are all now trying to go on with our lives and careers, and who knows? This could be an opening of wonderful opportunities for many people. Always look at the bright side!"


Sharon Stone was on the German television show "TV Movie," and alleged that she was interested in making out with Halle Berry. "My character is sexual attracted to Catwoman. That's the reason why I wanted to kiss her. But the studio said 'No.' It was too delicate for them. What a pity, it would have been fun for me." She also noted some of the challenges to doing the movie: "We are shooting the last fighting scene ... my body is full with bruises. I know Schwarzenegger and Stallone both have had the same, but they didn't have to wear ten Zentimeter (German graduation) high heels during the fight scenes."


In an interview with Starburst magazine, Alfred Molina said that he apparently had to compete for the metal tentacles. "They asked me if I wanted to come in and read for the part," he said. "There was a whole bunch of other actors who were on a short list. I was one of something like five and we all read for it on different days and then I guess they made their minds up. They didn't come chasing me by any means. I mean I've got no track record in these kinds of movies. The last sort of big movie that I did which was in any way comparable was 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' And that was 22 years ago. So I was surprised and delighted to be on the list."


Filmjerk.com has a script review of the Marvel adaptation, saying, "This undated draft is credited to Raven Metzner and Stuart J. Zicherman (who are also responsible for the coming 'Elektra' and 'Nosebleed' efforts), based on the Marvels Comics character. Lee Tamahori ('Die Another Day,' 'XXX2: State of the Union') has been linked to the project as director and Marvel has said on its most recent quarterly conference call that they are aiming for -- at earliest -- a 2006 release date."


The cape is about to be out of the bag, so put on your spoiler helmets. Kryptonsite has the official descriptions for both the penultimate episode called "Forsaken" and the season finale called "Covenant." As if that wasn't enough, there's a photo of a guest star that even Braniac 5 would love. Finally, Devoted to Smallville has screen captures from last week's episode "Truth."


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