Elektra, Batman, Green Hornet, Constantine: February 20th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Variety, Rob Bowman ("The X Files," "Reign of Fire") is in talks to direct the Jennifer Garner-fueled spin-off film. "Daredevil" director Mark Steven Johnson and "Daredevil" producer Gary Foster will produce the spin-off, and "X2" writer Zak Penn is attached to script, and rumor has it that the Hand and Stick will be a part of the storyline. When Comics Continuum talked to Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige, he said, "She doesn't have the sort of spectacular, over-the-top, costumed, made-up mutated villains. She has what we believe to be very scary, very sleek, very organized and very deadly adversaries. The tone of the film will be fun and adventurous, but the villains always fit their heroes. And Elektra doesn't wear a mask or hide her face. It will be unique villans that I think people will recognize and be very excited to see." As well, Hollywood North Report has been "hearing some rumblings over the last few days that Elektra was scouting out Vancouver as a possible Filming Location. A scoop from a reliable and proven scooper of ours says that 'they were doing some location scouting in Chinatown, North Van, and Mitchell Island.' Now add to that the news that Emmy nominated Rob Bowman is negotiating to direct the film. Bowman sure ain't a stranger to Vancouver his body of work includes aeries work in Vancouver ranging from '21 Jump Street,' 'Stingray' and 'MacGyver' in 80's to 'The X-Files,' 'Traps,' 'M.A.N.T.I.S.' (gotta love that fying car!), 'VR.5' and 'The Lone Gunmen' in the 90's, he also directed The 'X-Files' movie that shot in both LA and Vancouver. Signs are starting to point towards Vancouver, the unofficial Comic Book Film capitol of the world."


Variety also reports that Liam Neeson will play Ra's al Ghul and Morgan Freeman will play Lucius Fox in the Chris Nolan directed Bat flick. Also, Britain's The Wharf reports that the production will be filming in Canary Wharf, and notes that they believe Cillian Murphy will portray Gotham's favorite scary psychologist, The Scarecrow. For even more fun, Sneak Peek has a photo of toy manufacturer Corgi's new Batmobile. They said, "Toy manufacturer Corgi have been granted a global license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products to produce a line of high quality die-cast 'Batmobiles,' inspired by DC Comics' 'Batman' comic books. Corgi will produce 11 different Batmobiles, including the 1940s Batmobile, a 'Jokermobile,' the 1960s Batmobile and the 2004 'See Through' Batmobile, a design that may give some indications of the look of director Christopher Nolan's Batmobile in the upcoming Warner feature 'Batman: Intimidation.'"


Kevin Smith has, of course, taken to the web to talk directly to fans about his plans for the film. He's already fifty pages into writing the script, expects a budget of $70 million or so, plans to release the movie in August 2005, and guarantees that longtime friend Jason Mewes will appear somewhere in the film.


Superhero Hype visited the set of the Vertigo adaptation, based on Garth Ennis' "Dangerous Habits" storyline. Continuity sticklers will bristle at the choice to play Constantine as an American, which star Keanu Reeves called "a hard boiled kind of take on the piece." Reeves discussed some of the plot, which contains some spoilers. "Constantine in this film is in a hospital and he finds out he's dying of lung cancer, lights a cigarette up inside the doctor's office. She says, 'That's a good idea.' He gets into an elevator and this character comes by and the elevator doors closing and the person says, 'Going down?' and he says, 'Not if I can help it.' The next scene is he's in bed with a half breed demon drinking whiskey with scratches on his back and the scene ends with her tail kind of swishing underneath the sheets laughing, going, 'Lung cancer? Ha! That's funny, John!' So hopefully we have the spirit of the Constantinian factor. I'm always asking, 'Is that Constantinian enough?' I think I need more Constantine in my Constantine."


Actor Ray Park appeared in UK's Star Wars fan magazine, and talked about taking on the silky pajamas of Daniel Rand. A scooper for Superhero Hype wrote in about the story. "Basically Parks just tells abit of the story how Rand grew up with Mystical Asian Monks, and gets his superpowers through the ability to control his chi, his body energy, into his fist. He says he hadn't heard of the comic but his dad had so he's spent hundreds of dollars on the comics, he admits it's going to be challenging playing his first hero role after Darth Maul and Toad. It also says The Big Hit director Kirk Wong has been signed to lead the movie."


A scooper called Pelvidar posted a Windows Media file showing the new trailer clip shown on "Access Hollywood."


Kryptonsite has another new image from the March 3rd episode, "Crisis," and a fresh set of translated prophecies gleaned from the WB's Smallville Ledger site. Kryptonsite's archenemies over at Devoted to Smallville, by firing back with very detailed spoilers about late season episode "Memoria."


Empire Online got an early look at preview footage from the Paul Anderson helmed action film, of course delivering considerable spoilers. "With principal photography only just having wrapped, no digital effects were complete but, taking that into consideration, things appear to be shaping up nicely ... Everything on show was impressive and, if we weren't so cynical, we'd already be booking our tickets. The only problem is, with a combination of two such titanic franchises, something just has to go wrong. Call us pessimists but it would be almost too good to be true if Paul Anderson carried this off without a hitch. Here's hoping though."


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