Elektra, Batman Begins, Catwoman: June 8th Comic Reel Wrap


Sherdog News talks about Bob "The Beast" Sapp's feature film debut as Stone, an evil assassin whose physique is made of stone" and member of the Hand. The 6 foot 4 inch, 360-pound former NFL lineman turned K-1 martial arts fighter has been residing in Vancouver, Canada, working on the set of the superhero adaptation slated for release in February 2005.

In other news, Hollywood North Report claims to have new photos from the set.


Gary Oldman, who's set to play Lt. Jim Gordon, spoke to the Sunday Herald Sun, saying, "It's a $200 million art movie, character driven. I'm on a roll with good guys now, I'm trying to put those nasty people behind me.'" Additionally, Moviehole has a rumor that Steve Buscemi is being looked at as the Joker for a proposed sequel to the still-filming Chris Nolan Bat flick.


According to Dark Horizons, "the studio is raring to push forward with Spider-Man 3 - they've already got a release date and all apparently - but Sam Raimi is taking his time deciding who the next villain/s will be in it, and the company pretty much wants to know now (anyone else get the feeling these guys are more interested in pre-planning the toy line?). Franco's Green Goblin/HobG is the most likely choice, but it's Raimi who's a little unsure whether that character would make for anything exciting (he thought the same about Venom who was been discussed for it earlier). Got to agree there."


Halle Berry spoke at length on Cinemax about her upcoming feline flick, with considerable spoilers. Luckily, Catwoman Unofficial was kind enough to transcribe the whole thing.


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