Elektra: Assassin - Sexiest woman in the world?

[Elektra]"Stuff for Men" has a very "special" issue available next month and a certain sexy Ninja is featured in between the covers.

Bill Rosemann, Marvel Comics Marketing Communications Manager, revealed to CBR News Thursday some titillating info regarding everyone's favorite Greek assassin.

"The next issue of 'Stuff' is listing the top 69 (yes, they're subtle) sexiest women in the world," said Rosemann, "And Elektra (the model) made the cut!"

While where on that list Elektra made the cut isn't known currently, it's likely due to images produced by Greg Horn, the series cover artist with a sample of Elektra #2 to your right.

Stuff for Men hits the stands in two weeks and featues a Pamela 'ViP' Anderson cover.

Edited by Jonah Weiland on 8/31/01 9:51 AM

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