'Elektra #4' delayed at request of author

[Elektra #4]Following what has become a large number of books delayed due to the terrorist attacks of September 11, Marvel Comics announced on Friday that "Elektra #4" has joined that list.

Stuart Moore, the Marvel Knights Editor, said in a release that series writer Brian Michael Bendis requested a delay in publication of #4 because of the subject matter contained therein.

"For those people following the book, you know that we're dealing with a fictional US - Arab conflict," Bendis said in the release. "Though there's nothing in ELEKTRA that's deliberately incendiary or parallel to what's going on in the world, we thought a couple weeks' distance was just in good taste."

"No content has been changed in the issue, or in the following storyline, "Hubris," by new regular writer Greg Rucka and artist Chuck Austen, which begins in issue #7, on sale in January," said Moore.

The new schedule for the upcoming issues of Elektra is as follows:

  • Issue #4 on sale November 7th
  • Issue #5 on sale November 28th
  • Issue #6, part of the "'Nuff Said" silent event, on sale December 12th

Following this bit of shuffling the book will return to it's regular monthly schedule.

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