Elder Scrolls VI Announced By Bethesda

elder scrolls vi announcement trailer

Bethesda announced the highly anticipated sequel to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim during its presentation Sunday at E3 2018, saving the brief but intriguing teaser for last.

The camera pans across a foggy landscape as the familiar drums of the Elder Scrolls theme beat. This is pure fan-service to long-time fans. Finally, we get a view of a craggy coastal landscape as the triumphant horns of the main theme herald in the title: The Elder Scrolls V.

That's it; no subtitle. There's little to hint at what region this new installment takes place in, but the foreboding landscape offers a few hints. This doesn't appear to be an adventure in the toxic swamps of Black Marsh, nor does it look like a long-anticipated quest into the Khajit province of Elsweyr. If anything, the cold climate implies Hammerfell and High Rock, home to the Redguard, Breton and Orc races. High Rock was the setting of The Elder Scrolls II, but that game came out nearly 20 years ago, so it may be time to revisit those mountains.

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Or the game may not be restricted to a single region at all. There's still a long, long time before its release, as Bethesda has a pretty packed slate of games, and it was mentioned that Starfield will come out before Elder Scrolls VI. There was talk of those two games as "next generation," so perhaps we won't see Elder Scrolls VI until the next generation of consoles is released. If that's the case, it's impossible to imagine exactly what will happen in the next Elder Scrolls RPG.

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