El Paso Comic Con 'canceled indefinitely'

El Paso Comic Con, once characterized by its founder as “the most scrutinized comic con in the country,” has been canceled "indefinitely." The event was scheduled for Sept. 4-6.

The announcement arrived this week in a Facebook page, but no explanation was provided.

"We'd like to announce El Paso Comic Con is being cancelled indefinitely," reads the statement. "We'd like to thank everyone who supported us throughout years ... the vendors, the guests, the partners, sponsors, the venues, but most importantly the volunteers and the FANS. We couldn't have done it without you. It has no doubt been a great ride and a life changing experience. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. As we move forward and get back to our interests and the things we love to do - writing, music, publishing, and our professional ventures - we go shaped by this incredible event. Thank you again for coming along and participating in this life long passion. Remember, it's not a trend but a culture. It's a way of life."


Julian Lawler, who launched the Texas convention in 2010, had been repeatedly criticized for allegedly promoting appearances by guests who say they were never even contacted. There was also a major financial blow in 2012, when Lawler predicted attendance would reach 20,000, but only 3,000 showed up.

Refunds will reportedly be issued to those who purchased VIP passes and exhibitor space.

(via KFOX14)

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