'El Cazador' #1 sells out, gets second printing

Official Press Release

[El Cazador 1, second]EL CAZADOR #1, CrossGen Entertainment's fastest selling issue ever, is sold out from Diamond Comics Distributors. With positive reviews and reader enthusiasm still increasing, CrossGen has sent the debut issue back to press. EL CAZADOR #1 Second Printing (AUG035066), including no interior ads or additional editorial back matter, will feature a new cover showcasing an iconic image that captures the exotic setting of the pirate adventure. The 32-page Second Printing of the debut issue by writer Chuck Dixon, artist Steve Epting and colorist Frank D'Armata will reach stores on October 8th, the same day that EL CAZADOR #2 (AUG032093) goes on sale.

"We overprinted EL CAZADOR #1 by quite a bit, but thanks to the readers' enthusiasm, we blew through those extra copies in short order," said Chris Oarr, CrossGen Vice President of Sales. "That's in addition to the 25% extra copies most retailers received free of charge for hitting their incentive levels. We're thrilled to see so many books sold by our retailing partners, and with Diamond's help we're going to get even more copies onto shelves as soon as possible."

"The creative team is extremely gratified by the response to EL CAZADOR," stated Dixon. "We suspected there was a comics audience out there for this kind of period adventure, but we thought we'd have to hunt longer for it. Instead, the audience found us and sales have forced us back to press. Steve, Frank, and I worked hard to nail the Golden Era of Pirates, and the response by readers and retailers is the greatest thanks we could receive!"

In addition to strong sales, the debut issue has also generated overwhelmingly positive critical response:

"A thrilling, beautifully illustrated grand adventure. Grade: A" -Comics Buyer's Guide

"A sweeping pirate epic!" -Wizard

"There's a stunning level of realism at play here. Epting captures a sense of the historic with seeming ease... (and) I love the sexy but tortured tone he brings to the book's heroine." -TheFourthRail.com

"Tremendous artwork...every character is beautifully rendered, and action sequences crackle." -MediaSharx.com

"It's rare to find such intensity and grab-you-by-the-collar enchantment...Gorgeous art and historically authentic writing combine to make EL CAZADOR one of the strongest comics debuts of the year." -HeroRealm.com

"EL CAZADOR has intrigue, historical accuracy, and enough action to make any comic fan walk the plank with anticipation of next month's issue." -BrokenFrontier.com

"Captures the gritty reality of nautical adventure. The result just may be the most attractive comic in CrossGen history." -Comic Shop News

"Incredible storytelling and amazing art...EL CAZADOR really looks to be a hit for CrossGen." -PaperBackReader.com

"Chuck, Steve, and Frank proved they're righteous rogues of savage skill," added Bill Rosemann, CrossGen Director of Marketing & Communications. "And now that their bloody book has built up so much buzz, we expect to see increasing demand for additional issues. So if retailers want to avoid angry buccaneers storming their stores, we urge them to look at their orders for upcoming issues and send in any increases now."

EL CAZADOR #1 Second Printing (AUG035066) and EL CAZADOR #2 (AUG032093) are available for order and are scheduled to arrive in stores on October 8 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S. each. Retailers may place orders by contacting their Diamond Customer Service Representative.

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