<B>EISNERS LIVE!!!</b> - Winner: Best Short Story

The Eisner Awards are being handed out right now (Friday Night, 8:30 - 11:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time) at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The winners are being posted as they're announced live to CBR! The current winner is listed below, highlighted in bold. Look for a full write up of the night's events later tonight from CBR News' Beau Yarbrough.

Best Short Story

"Between Two Worlds: The Strange and Sad Story of Erich Wolfgang Korngold," by P. Craig Russell, in Comics Journal Summer Special 2002 (Fantagraphics)

"Green Tea," by J. Sheridan LeFanu, adapted by Kevin Huizenga, in Orchid (Sparkplug)

"The Magician and the Snake," by Katie Mignola and Mike Mignola, in Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings (Dark Horse)

"Untitled" (first story in book) by Jason, in Shhh (Fantagraphics)

"Telekinetic," by Tomer Hanuka, in Bipolar #3 (Alternative Comics)

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