Eisner/Miller conversation from Dark Horse this April

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Are there any creators who have more greatly affected their chosen medium than Will Eisner and Frank Miller? Comics readers are now invited to read along as two of its greatest contributors-legendary innovator and godfather of sequential art, Will Eisner, and the modern master of cinematic comics storytelling, Frank Miller-discuss one-on-one, in an intimate interview format, the ins-and-outs of this compelling and often controversial art form.

Eisner and Miller seem perfectly coupled in such a dialogue, as editor Charles Brownstein explains: "They share a relentless passion for formal innovation and have equally keen understandings of the business mechanisms that drive the field. This conversation reveals the aesthetic passions and formal theories that are at the foundation of their bodies of work. It also portrays two opinionated views of comics history and two informed perspectives on how to make it in comics."

Brownstein also believes this is a project whose time has come. "The book also opens up a new door in comics criticism. In film, it's not uncommon for acclaimed directors to publish a discussion about their form and field, but in comics such documents are rare. Eisner/Miller brings to comics a tradition that stretches back to Hitchcock/Truffaut. Walking in, it was our hope that presenting a serious conversation between these masters of the form would open comics criticism up in a meaningful way."

"Eisner/Miller is a surprisingly contentious exchange," Brownstein continues. "While there is unquestionable respect between these two men, they have very heated exchanges about the history of the business, censorship, and their approaches to their jobs. Within this discussion we get a sense of what drives them both and of the forces that have driven the field since its inception."

Brownstein believes that Eisner/Miller will enlighten comics historians, critics, fans, and creators. "The book lends insight to the climate of the comics business during Will's career and how that climate carried over into the present day through Frank's career. It sheds light on what goes into making masterful comics. It also reveals the real joys of cartooning and the intellectual depth that these men bring to every graphic novel they draw."

The Eisner/Miller trade paperback is available April 28 with a retail price of $19.95

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