Eisner Nominations - What the Heck?!?

I had to clean my glasses three times to make sure I was reading the Eisner nominations correctly.

They...DIDN'T irritate me?

They...picked mostly GOOD choices for nominations?

They...DIDN'T pick any egregiously awful choices for nominations?

What the heck, Eisner judges?!!? My whole world is upside down!!!!

Congrats to Amanda Emmert, Mike Pawuk, John Shableski, Ben Towle and Andrew Wheeler. You folks did done good.

(Note, this does not mean I totally agree with their choices, of course, You're not going to get a group of judges picking nominations and NOT get some choices you'd differ on - the key is to just avoid plainly awful choices, and they did that with flying colors - so long as they're just rewarding good comics, I'm happy).

By the way, congrats to Comic Book Resources for getting a nomination for Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism! I'm certainly have an attachment to CBR, but I still think that's a well deserved nomination!

EDITED TO ADD: Don MacPherson put up his thoughts on the nominations here (I particularly agree about the surprising amount of nominations for Madame Xanadu).

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