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As some of you may know, I started off in comics clerking for Paul Howley's THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT, almost 25 years ago, now. Paul and Mal Howley and their daughter, Cassy Wood, recently got to be extras in BURN NOTICE. You should be able to spot Cassy because she walks very close to Jeffrey Donovan several times. There will be a few scenes that take place in a nice public park in Miami and Mal and Paul can (possibly) be seen as picnickers sitting on a blanket. (They are such good actors that you’ll be convinced that they are really having a picnic). Mal is wearing a pink plaid skirt and a pink shirt and Paul is wearing blue jeans (what a surprise!) and an ugly yellow t-shirt that the wardrobe department made him wear. They turn up later in the episode in a marketplace scene and they’re wearing the same clothes. In the final scene, Jeffrey Donovan is walking towards his girlfriend and his car and, when that shot begins, Mal and Paul are directly behind him, walking away. Cassy can be seen in one “park scene” as she walks right by “Michael” while he’s using his cell phone. Cassy is wearing a lime-green shirt and a white skirt. In another park scene, Cassy is walking with a guy who has his arm around her. She's wearing a red shirt and a white skirt. Later, in a beach scene, Cassy is sitting on a beach chair wearing a black dress with purple and white flowers on it. You’ll recognize her because she’s a petite woman with long dark hair. (Cute as can be, says the press release!) “Burn Notice” is seen on USA Network this coming Thursday (February 26th) at 10PM Eastern time. Please be advised that this TV show may not be suitable for young viewers.

Half my life ago, I clerked for Paul at his shop, That's Entertainment, in Worcester, and I can honestly say I wouldn't be in comics now if it wasn't for him. I've learned a lot from many folks, but he started me off and that's a fact. Tune into BURN NOTICE and see a seminal figure of early comics retail having a fun time on a TV set.

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