Eisenberg's Lex Luthor Is "Contradictory, Realistic" In "Batman v Superman"

While the early trailers for Warner Bros. tentpole superhero film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" show off a Lex Luthor that could give Gene Hackman a run for his scenery-chewing money, the actor behind the wigged villain says there's more to Luthor than meets the eye.

"When I read the script, I thought, this character is rendered so incredibly well that I just have to do what I know I do well, and it will be a great character because the character is full of interesting, contradictory, realistic elements that make a character wonderful," the actor explained in a new EW interview (the same where he offered thoughts on a "Zombieland" sequel). "And as an actor, those are the most comfortable and convenient characters to play. The difficult characters to play are the ones where it doesn't seem like the character has been rendered realistically or with human feelings behind them. That wasn't the case with this character."

In Eisenberg's telling, the Luthor that will show up in Zack Snyder's latest will wear two faces: the one that represents his public persona and his villainous core. "He has a kind of charming public persona, and then a deeply private rage. And this is not only interesting as an actor to play, but I would say more realistic to how extroverted people like this, who are kind of leaders of big organizations, probably feel. You have to kind of put on a public front that appears genial and appears accessible, but you're likely - if you're very ambitious - harboring feelings of competitiveness, envy, and all these other things we try to avoid in public. So stuff like that was very interesting as an actor to explore. And then kind of coloring in that framework is somebody who's also very clever and funny and emotional and vengeful," he said.

Fans will finally be able to judge for themselves when "Dawn of Justice" arrives in theaters on March 25.

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