eigoMANGA's CEO to speak at Apple Store In San Francisco

Official Press Release

eigoMANGA's CEO Austin will be the keynote speaker atthe Apple Store in San Francisco on Thursday June 17at 6:00pm.

The Apple Store is the official retail for the AppleComputer, Inc. The Apple Store - San Franciscocelebrated its grand opening last May and has invitedAustin Osueke and his eigoMANGA team to demonstratetheir anime and manga multimedia projects to the storeattendees, Apple professionals and invited guest.

Austin Osueke will candidly take the audience youbehind the scenes of eigoMANGA. He'll show how thecompany, runs entirely on Mac computers and technologyfrom designing comic books using QuarkXpress and AdobePhotoshop, to editing their TV program using Final CutPro and Media 100, to publishing the website usingMacromedia Dreamweaver and Flash using Mac computersever since the company started.

For Austin Osueke, this is a dream come true. "I do alot of appearances and live events for my companyeigoMANGA, but this event is very special and such anhonor for me personally. Being invited to be thekeynote speaker for one the most respected andrevolutionary companies of our era has kind of madethings come in full circle for my entrepreneurialcareer especially given the fact that it was SteveJobs who inspired me to start my career; Apple'scomputers/technology helped launched my business aswell."

Osueke and the eigoMANGA will take this opportunity toaccept solicitations to preview portfolios of mangaartist hopefuls as well as give away autographedcopies of RUMBLE PAK Issue #1.

The eigoMANGA team will also take this opportunity toofficially announce the launching of its Americanmanga comic book series geared towards young women.eigoMANGA held a naming contest in where fans from asfar as Nigeria suggested title names for the new comicbook series. The winning title name has been selectedand will be announced at the event.

This free event starts at 6:00pm, in San Francisco, CAon Market and Stockton.

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