eigoMANGA Launches Anime Career Day At Univerisity

Official Press Release

eigoMANGA is producing a live anime concert and animecareer fair on the campus of San Francisco StateUniversity on Friday, May 14, 2004 called eigoMANGACAMPUS INVASION.

And to top it off career-seeking college students willget a chance to meet with recruiters from leadingcompanies within the anime and video-game industry inan Anime Career Fair. Leading US anime andentertainment companies, Viz, ComicsOne, andDreamworks will be on hand to meet and recruitstudents and wanna-be's interested in breaking intothe anime and entertainment industry.

Manga Entertainment will kick off its illustrious10-year anniversary. Manga Entertainment willofficially kick off its anniversary at eigoMANGA'suniversity live anime event.

In celebration of this anniversary event, Manga willbe releasing exclusive anime features and free prizesto CAMPUS INVASION attendees.

CAMPUS INVASION is also the stage where eigoMANGA willproduce a television pilot for broadcast on MTV's newcable channel targeting university students, mtvU.

For more information about eigoMANGA and eigoMANGA CAMPUS INVASION, visit http://www.eigoMANGA.com

For more information about Manga Entertainment visithttp://www.manga.com

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