Eight Van Lente Comics You Might Not Have Read...

Here are some comics written by Fred Van Lente that you might not be so familiar with!

Awesome: The Indie Spinner Rack Anthology - this one has other great stories from people like Nick Bertozzi and Matt Kindt!

Cowboy and Aliens is likely going to be made into a film!

Ghosting is an interesting take on the supernatural.

Outlaw Territory was an anthology of Western stories. Joe Kelly, Greg Pak, Steven Grant and Ivan Brandon, among others, wrote stories in it!

Tales from the Crypt is the recent re-make series. Fred wrote a couple of stories.

Tranquility is another series by Fred and his Silencers artist, Steve Ellis.

The Weapon was an interesting series that helped introduced us to Scott Koblish as a penciler (he's now doing penciling work for Marvel)!

And last, but not least, Fred wrote a few issues of Kiss 4-K. Yes, Kiss 4-K.


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