With Friends Like This, Eeyore Could Use Some More Enemies

Welcome to Poohdickery! Writer Don Ferguson and artist Richard Moore did a syndicated Winnie the Pooh comic strip for ten years that was reprinted for decades after they stopped making new strips in the late 1980s. One of the notable aspects of the strip is how Winnie the Pooh and his friends often act a lot less nice than they do in their animated appearances. In this feature, I'll post one of these examples each installment. Click here for an archive of past installments!

Now, in past editions of Poohdickery, we have mostly spotlighted instances where it seems like the animal buddies are ACTIVELY being jerks to each other, but there is a special subset of strips where the fact is that they are sometimes just too stupid to even REALIZE that they are being jerks to their buddies. This is one of those strips.

Meanwhile, it also plays on the character of Eeyore. Eeyore, as everyone knows, is one of the most fascinating characters in animation history, as he is essentially a clinically depressed character who always is included in the adventures of the rest of the gang and while they certainly do often make attempts to make him feel better, in general they seem to accept and love him for the way that he is and they do not expect him to change his way of being to fit in with them better. It's a really interesting statement that I really don't know if they were really putting that much thought into it at the time, but heck, you could argue that the fact that they probably DIDN'T put that much thought into it makes it all that much more impressive, since it is more natural.

Anyhow, in this strip (a Sunday one - the first Sunday strip we've featured in Poohdickery!), Eeyore is stuck in the stream (they say "river," but it sure seems more like a stream) and Pooh and Piglet have ideas to save him that...well...would probably make things a whole lot worse...

You have to love Eeyore's reaction to their rather ill-conceived attempts to save him. Sometimes being saved really isn't worth the aggravation. You really did nail it there, Eeyore!

The question, of course, is whether Pooh and Piglet were truly being naive in their rescue attempts. Did they seriously not understand that their suggestions would have been worse off for Eeyore? Based on past examples of Poohdickery, you could make the argument that they came up with those particular ways of "saving" Eeyore as attempts to actively mess with him (either as just being cruel to him or perhaps by "forcing" him to rescue himself). With what we have seen from them in past installments, it truly could go either way, but I lean towards them just being too stupid to realize that throwing rocks at someone that you're trying to help would probably not help him all that much.

That's it for this installment! If you happen to know of a good example of Poohdickery, feel free to drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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