Edward Norton Wouldn't Say No To <i>Batman</i>

Following his high profile breakup with Marvel Studios, The Incredible Hulk actor Edward Norton might need a break from the comic book movie scene. But there's one property that he would gladly surrender himself to even now -- Christopher Nolan's Batman series.

"Chris Nolan's making the best [comic book movies] out there by far," the actor told IGN. "I'd do one with him. He's set a new bar for sure, and I think he's done a great, great job."

When asked if he would be up for playing a villain in Batman 3, Norton allegedly replied: "That would be fun, I would not say no to that." Whether or not he'd play the oft-rumored Riddler, Norton only answered: "Your guys can put their votes in on that."

Norton's comments aren't completely out of the blue — the actor has praised Nolan's work on The Dark Knight in the past — but as far as I can gather, these are his first comments on the topic since departing the Marvel brand. Would Norton have better luck on the DC side of the aisle? Quite possibly. For me, there's no question that he could pull off a memorable Gotham bad guy — it's about time we got another Primal Fear or American History X performance out of Norton, and Nolan's vision of the Batman franchise could be just the ticket.

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