EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Eduardo Risso’s Poster for Breakaway Game

Eduardo Risso, the artist behind 100 Bullets and Moonshine, has extended his expertise beyond the world of comics and produced a poster for Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming multiplayer game Breakaway. The poster features on of the game’s primary playable characters, Argus, in mid-downward strike against a stark red backdrop.

Copies of the poster will be given away at Comic-Con International: San Diego next week, and Risso will be on-hand during designated hours to sign the poster. Risso will be available for signing at the comiXology booth #2547 on Friday, July 21 between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.


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Breakaway is the upcoming multiplayer game from Amazon Game Studios that pits teams of four against each other on a variety of maps that feature a ball-like Relic. Much like in basketball or soccer, the Relic must be passed between players before finally being shot through the opposing team’s goal at their base. Players can also use various abilities to impede their opponents or change the landscape of the map mid-match.

Argus, the character featured on Risso’s poster, is a Lost Immortal and the first architect of War. Argus uses Wild Magic on the field and wields two Infinity Swords that can allegedly cleave time and space. Here's what he looks like in the game:


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Breakaway is currently in early alpha stages of development, meaning that the game is incomplete and base features are continuously being added. A sign-up form to play the game early can be found here.

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