Edmondson, Perkins to Helm New "Deathlok" Ongoing in October

"Original Sins" -- Marvel's companion miniseries to the "Original Sin" event launches this week, and with it comes a new Michael Collins Deathlok story by Nathan Edmondson and Mike Perkins, which features both new and old incarnations of the character. It seems that the duo aren't content to leave their time with Deathlok at a single short story as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Edmondson and Perkins will continue their tenure on the series for the "Deathlok" ongoing series, which will debut in October.

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"'Deathlok' is an opportunity to turn the distinction between ally and foe within the Marvel universe right on its head," Edmondson told THR. "Wrapped up in bleeding-edge tech, our 'Deathlok' series will take what readers remember of the iconic anti-hero and what viewers love now of the character portrayed by J. August Richards in 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' and dive in with a twisting story of espionage and family."

"Deathlok" will be Edmondson's third ongoing Marvel series since the publisher's All-New Marvel NOW! initiative, which saw the launch of Edmondson's "Black Widow" series with Phil Noto and his "Punisher" ongoing with Mitch Gerads. According to Edmondson, his upcoming "Deathlok" series will include "excitement and thrills on a par with any James Bond opening or Jason Bourne set-piece nestling alongside some touching character interludes." He further described the "Original Sins" story as a "10-page introduction" to the ongoing.

"Deathlok" hits its new ongoing series in October.

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