Edmondson Asks, "Where Is Jake Ellis?"

Nathan Edmondson likes raising questions. Last year, in addition to writing "Grifter" for DC Comics and "The Activity" for Image, he also helmed the miniseries "Who Is Jake Ellis?," which featured Jon Moore, a thief who stayed one step ahead of those out to get him, and Jake Ellis, a seemingly all-seeing entity in the shape of a man who only Jon can see. Jake's all-seeing eye gives Jon a vital edge in staying out of harm's way. Although Jon and Jake differed in opinion when it came to Jake's origins, readers of the first series found out a piece of the truth by the fifth and final issue.

With more of the tale to tell, Edmondson reunites with series artist Tonci Zonjic for "Where Is Jake Ellis?" The new series, which hits in December, finds Jon in hiding from the Facility, the group that linked him to Jake. The first series ended with a pretty big status quo shift for Jon and Jake with the thief making a drastic move to try and save his friend's life.

"You'll find out immediately in the next issue where the two are in relation to one another and what that means to the new story," Edmondson said. In the first miniseries, Jon pulled Jake's real body out of a Facility lab and dropped him off with U.S. government officials.

"Jon is living a new life, but he's not that far removed from his life in 'Who Is Jake Ellis?'" Edmondson said. "The question now is: what will he have to do to move forward again? His actions will have consequences."

Those consequences include the continued problems with the Facility, who are not pleased with him for ruining their experiment and stealing their lab rat, Jake.

"In 'Who Is Jake Ellis?,' Jon escaped his enemies, but he didn't vanquish them--and those enemies are prepared to roll out operatives to get the job done this time," Edmondson said.

Edmondson went on to say readers would discover a few more facts about how Jon and Jake work so well together, but "not necessarily directly."

After working together on the first five issue series and now moving on to their second, Edmondson said that he and Zonjic have developed a very solid working relationship together.

"Knowing one another a bit better now, Tonci and I are past many of the growing pains for a first book," Edmondson said. "He and I know when to push and when to leave one another; but most exciting for both of us, I think, is that we've both gotten better at this."

"Where Is Jake Ellis?" #1 by Nathan Edmondson and Tonci Zonjic premieres in December from Image Comics.

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