Editorial Shake-up at DC: DiDio New Top Dog, Carlin Returns to Editing, Raspler and Helfer Out

[DC Comics]In a long-rumored move, DC Comics on Wednesday confirmed major changes in the editorial staff of its DC Universe line of titles.

Former Vice President - Executive Editor DCU Mike Carlin will be stepping down to the newly created position of Senior Group Editor - DC Universe, allowing him to fulfill a long-time goal of returning to hands-on editing, including Jeff Smith's "Shazam!" project and "JLA."

"Mike has an extraordinary track record as a hands-on editor," Paul Levitz, DC Comics President and Publisher, was quoted as saying in Wednesday's press release, "including the record-shattering 'Death of Superman.' We look forward to his renewed commitment to the DCU."

The previous "JLA" editor Dan Raspler, on the other hand, has left the company as has fellow editor Andy Helfer.

Replacing Carlin at the top is Dan DiDio, DC's Vice President - Editorial, who will not be changing titles or offices, but simply adding many of Carlin's previous responsibilities to his own.

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