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Edginton Takes on “Kane & Lynch”

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Edginton Takes on “Kane & Lynch”
WildStorm’s “Kane & Lynch” #1 and IO Interactive’s “Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days” on sale now

The stars of IO Interactive’s “Kane & Lynch” games are not your usual heroes. Adam “Kane” Marcus is a former mercenary and James Seth Lynch is a heavily medicated psychopath. In the original Kane & Lynch game, the two ended up in an uneasy partnership when Kane’s old mercenary group came looking for a large sum of money they believed he stole from them. A lot of death and bloodshed later, Kane & Lynch parted ways, seemingly forever. Unfortunately for them, they are back together again in the recently-released sequel “Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.” The new game sees Kane & Lynch taking on both the Shanghai underworld and its police force after a gun-smuggling deal puts them in the cross-hairs of a powerful gang.

Back in May, WildStorm announced it would be bringing the exploits of Kane & Lynch to the comic book page in a six-issue series written by Ian Edginton (“Scarlet Traces,” “Star Trek: Early Voyages,” “Warhammer 40,000”) with art by Christopher Mitten (“Wasteland”) and covers by Ben Templesmith (Welcome to Hoxford,” “30 Days of Night”). CBR News caught up with Edginton to talk about the series, the second issue of which arrives this week.

CBR: Ian, this isn’t your first time working with a game property, having written stories for “Hellgate: London” and “Warhammer” in the past. What do you find unique about working with a game property?

IAN EDGINTON: Basically, it’s just a great excuse to get to play with such cool “toys,” and I don’t mean just the games themselves. There are whole worlds and characters at your disposal and so long as you stay within the rules and parameters of those worlds, you can do whatever you want.

Pages from “Kane & Lynch” #1

What is it about the characters of Kane & Lynch that made you want to write about them?

Where to start! It’s a blast to write a pair of characters that are so unremittingly amoral, Lynch more than Kane, but even so, you still wouldn’t want to cross either of them. When I’ve been writing the series and come to a part where even I wince and think that it’s maybe a bit too violent or gory or that the language is a tad too ripe, I’ll keep on going as I know that it’s just right for this book.

Kane & Lynch aren’t buddies, they’re amoral antiheroes. They’d sell each other out in a heartbeat if that’s what was necessary. They cover each other’s backs but only up to a point, for as long as it suits them. They don’t want to spend time with each but are flung together and have to deal with it.

This series delves into Kane & Lynch ‘s criminal past. Are you elaborating on events from the games, or is this a completely new storyline?

The series is set roughly 48 hours after the end of the first game, so we touch on certain events but it’s really a stand-alone affair. What happens in it doesn’t impact on the second game and covers a one week period of their lives…but it’s a Hell of a week.

Will any characters from the new “Kane & Lynch 2” game be making appearances in the series?

We did toy with the idea at first, but it would have proved a bit too problematic so we decide to let the series stand on its own.

Concept art by Christopher Mitten

Are you a gamer yourself? Are you familiar with the first “Kane & Lynch” game?

I used to be, way, back in the mists of time and do try to keep an eye on the industry, but work and two small children tend to suck time in like a singularity! My eldest daughter’s boyfriend is a gamer, though, so if I need to know anything, he’s my go-to guy.

How much access did you have to the game’s developers in terms of research for the series?

We had a couple of world-spanning conference calls and I was sent some material on the first game and the new one, but once we decided to make the series a stand-alone run, I was pretty much left to my own devices.

What has the creative process been like between you and artist Chris Mitten?

We haven’t had chance to talk a great deal but I am really impressed with what he’s done with the scripts. He’s given the story a dynamic, high-octane, cinematic feel. It’s loose, loud and violent and drags you screaming along with it! I couldn’t ask for more!

For more info on WildStorm’s “Kane & Lynch,” head over to “Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days” is currently available for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and you can visit the game’s official site at

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